Featuring Corus: Dump your App Server

  • Scale plain JVM apps, adopt lightweight app frameworks without compromise
  • Centrally manage distributed JVMs and Docker containers on commodity infrastructure
  • Streamline deployments, minimize downtime
  • Avoid prohibitive license costs
What is it ?How is it used ?Updates
  • Allows managing distributed Java virtual machines and Docker containers collectively on multiple hosts.
  • Monitors processes to insure high-availability (automatically restarts crashed processes).
  • Provides command-line interface mimicking Linux/Unix commands, easing the job of sysadmins.
  • Offers REST API for full-fledge automation.
  • Do away with the app server model: deploy standard Java apps using your lightweight framework of choice (Spring, Guice, etc.).
  • Deploy, undeploy, execute, terminate JVMs and Docker containers on multiple hosts as one.
  • Install on commodity hardware.
  • Corus 5 (currently available)
  • Docker integration now available.
  • Native NUMA integration supported.