Mac OS Installation

Corus is preferrably installed using the Chef cookbook (there is exhaustive documentation for the cookbook). We're still providing instructions for manual installation below.

Preparing the Environment

Please following all the Linux-based installation steps, stopping at "Run as a Daemon": Mac uses Launchd for configuring services, and the related installation steps are described below.

Run with Launchd

Installing Corus as a launch daemon (using Mac's launchd) will trigger its automatic startup at boot time. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Define a Corus Configuration File

Define a Corus configuration file that will be used when the service starts: a default configuration is provided in the Corus package. You will find it at $CORUS_HOME/config/

Prepare the plist File

A XML file is available to register Corus as a launch daemon : it located under CORUS_HOME/config/org.sapia.corus-33000.plist Copy it under the /Library/LaunchDaemons/ directory (make sure you are using the root user, or that your running sudo):

sudo cp org.sapia.corus-33000.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons/

By default, the file is configured to use the $CORUS_HOME/config/

Register with Launchd

At this stage, you have to "load" the plist file using the launchctl command (as root or through sudo):

sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.sapia.corus-33000.plist

You can validate the registration with the following command:

sudo launchctl list org.sapia.corus-33000

The command should give you output similar to the following:

"Label" = "org.sapia.corus-33000";
"LimitLoadToSessionType" = "System";
"OnDemand" = true;
"LastExitStatus" = 0;
"PID" = 54;
"TimeOut" = 30;
"StandardOutPath" = "/opt/corus/current/logs/corus-launchd.log";
"StandardErrorPath" = "/opt/corus/current/logs/corus-launchd.log";
"ProgramArguments" = (