As of Corus 4.5, the REST API provides a means to access functionality similar to the one offered by the command-line interface over HTTP/JSON.

The design of the API takes into account the possibility of managing multiple Corus clusters (or domains) through a single REST entry point. Such a design choice was made to allow for the introduction of a centralized Corus management server.

Currently though, each individual Corus node publishes an implementation of the API which potentially allows managing all the Corus peers in that node's cluster - that is to say: the API allows managing a Corus cluster individually, by accessing one of its nodes through the REST API.

Starting Guide
The first step in order to learn about how to use the API: provides general guidelines, describes how to setup authentication/authorization, etc.
Core API
This section describes the Core API functionality: deployment/undeployment, archiving/unarchiving, managing processes, etc.
Diagnostic API
Describes the diagnostic API, which is used to determine the state of processes in a cluster. Leverages each Corus node in a cluster to perform health check.
Docker Integration API
Documents the API provided in the context of Corus' Docker Integration.